The Inpex Self-Organisation Conference

  • Time

    June 05, 2009 at 08:00am - June 07, 2009 at 11:00am

  • Location

    The Swedish Arts Grants Committee, Stockholm

  • Media

    Policy writing

    Policy writing One day during the Self-Organization conference.

  • Description

    In the report from the Swedish Committee of Inquiry on Cultural Policy (SOU 2009:16) and the memo by the Swedish Ministry of Industry and Culture Ministry "Action plan for cultural and creative industries' the need to broaden and deepen knowledge of organizational matters in the cultural sector is addressed.

    During our first year of activity, we observed a tendency for a, in the cultural sector (and especially in dance and choreography), significantly renegotiated understanding of the entrepreneurial work that the artist consistently carry out in his or her work. As a result, we organized a conference in June 2009 to highlight and articulate how we coordinate, organize and operate within our practices.

    The conference, held in the premises of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee in Stockholm, was an opportunity to practice self-organization while inventorying and discussing the ways in which self-organization takes place in Sweden and internationally, without the requirement for a specific result. The participants consisted of local and foreign choreographers, activists, dancers, philosophers and computer programmers linked to the Swedish dance context. A total of 23 participants from ten countries met.

    Minna Kiper (SWE)
    Gabriel Widing (SWE)
    Linnea Martinsson (SWE)
    Andrea Csaszni Rygh (SWE)
    Rebecka Chentinell (SWE)
    Halla Olafsdottir (ISL)
    Sidney Leoni (FRA)
    Ingrid Cogne (FRA)
    Manuela Zechner (AUT)
    Valentina Desideri (ITA)
    Elizabeth Ward (USA)
    Egle Obcarskaite (LTU)
    Krõõt Juurak (EST)
    Siegmar Zacharias (DEU)
    Jessyka Watson Galbraith (AUS)
    Marcus Doverud (SWE)
    Johan Thelander (SWE)
    Emma Kim Hagdahl (SWE)
    Mårten Spångberg (SWE)
    Josefine Wikström (SWE)
    Tor Lindstrand (SWE)
    Tove Sahlin (SWE)
    Anna Koch (SWE)

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